Monday, July 6, 2015

Stay-At-Home Moms and Education

I guess I never realized there were people out there that thought it was a waste of an education to be a stay at home mom. I feel like when people say that it is demeaning to home makers. It is like saying what they do basically the average Joe with no education could do. I strongly disagree with that. There has been so much I have learned from my Mother and I know if she didn’t have an education, there would be things that I haven’t learned or didn’t know. I like the point that Jenet Jacob Erickson made in her article “A Woman’s Education is not Wasted in the Home” that a home is the best place an educated woman could be because they are teaching and raising the next generation. Children can learn so much from their parents and if they are well-educated, it gives the chance for parents to teach children what they know.

                There are many things that homemakers can do to grow and develop education-wise. Something that my mother does is read. She goes through books like crazy, and she learns from them. It was through her example that I gained a love for reading and learning. Something else mothers can do is learn new skills and teach them to their children. My mother learned how to sew and then she taught me. She gained a new skill, and through teaching me, I was able to learn and she was able to practice more. 

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