Monday, June 29, 2015


Last week in class we discussed communication. My teacher pointed out that communication comes from three different things: words, non verbals and tones. 14% of communication comes from words, 35% of communication comes from non-verbals (body language) and 51% of communication comes from tone. Now we live in a world with advance technology. Technology can be a really great tool. It can connect us to friends that live far away. But looking at communication how my teacher pointed out, there is so much communication lost when we send a text rather than have a conversation face to face. Through a text, all we are communicating by is words. The receiver of our texts can't hear the tone we would say it in, or our body language to go along with it. I think that is why texts can be so misinterpreted. After learning about this, I decided that I should spend less time texting and more time either talking face to face or speaking on the phone. I challenge everyone to try to do the same and see how your conversations improve.

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